We are looking for independent sales agents covering the
garden and landscaping market in various regions of the
UK to help introduce our products into Britain.

Thank you for visiting our site. Please bear in mind we have NOT yet published all our product information in english about our gabion range, but have done so already for our SonoWall garden fencing system. We would like to urge you to get in contact with us to discover more about this agent opportunity. The French part of the site has our gabion range and our dedicated retail site www.123gabions.com has some information about our retail offering.

Contact Michel Corbett - MD on michel.c@sonomuro.com

About us

About us

About us
Sonomuro, a Belgian company, produces 2 unique product families aimed at the Garden and Landscaping markets: DecoWalls - unique 4-10cm thin gabions and ‘1-2-3-Gabions' - a gabion retail concept for the consumer market. Our SonoWall products - an efficient and affordable noise-reducing garden fence system for consumers who want less noise in their garden! Both product families are quite unique and have no direct competitor products in the UK market today. Our key target customers: Garden centres, DIY retail, fencing specialists and distributors serving the gardeners and landscaping architects.

DecoWall Gabion Fence panels: As high as your traditional fence, but with only 4cm of width, the gabion system is more elegant and takes up less space than traditional gabions requiring tons of stones in filling. The DecoWall Stone Fence panel is 120cm by 180cm high and 4cm deep, requiring only 120kg of pebble stones (8-16mm diameter) in filling...!


DecoWall Gabion elements: Furthermore, a range of landscaping Gabion elements with a depth of only 10cm are available in sizes ranging from 30cm high up to 2m in height, ideal for creating separations and decorative elements in garden projects. "We are bringing the gabion in an elegant and refined format for use in landscaping projects where mineral elements are added to create contemporary gardens", says Michel Corbett, Sonomuro's managing director. Instead of filling your traditional gabion with larger stones, the pebbles used in the DecoWall makes gabions look much more modern and elegant in a landscaping project then your traditional gabion cage.


For the Garden Centre market Sonomuro has a dedicated retail display concept that allows a good and clear presentation of our traditional gabions in a consumer centric offering: 1-2-3-Gabions! Easy to assemble standard gabions with high quality Zinc-Aluminium mesh for your DIY projects in the garden. The 1-2-3-display is delivered pre-filled with a range of gabion kits.