Exterior design: Add THE mineral touch to your project.

Sonomuro presents 3 families of stone basket products, specially designed for the creation of gardens and landscapes in which the elegant aspect of the creations plays an important role.


Gravel fences:

- 4cm deep fences placed as a classic garden fence between posts.

- Ideal in combination with a wooden or aluminum garden screen to break the monotony

- Nice and cheaper filling with gravel 


Gravel baskets:

- These baskets are only 10 or 20cm deep

- The scaffolding tubes are inside the basket and therefore not visible on the outside.

- Up to 2m40 high

- A nicer and cheaper filling with gravel 


Stone baskets:

- Our 1-2-3 stone baskets in kit, mesh 5x5cm and standard sizes (100-150-200cm long and 50cm high, 30-50cm deep)

- Our made-to-measure stone baskets mesh 5x5cm, 5x10cm or 10x10cm depending on your project

- One-piece stone baskets at any desired height up to 2m40 high and long


If you have a garden project, choose a Decowall solution:

- Made to measure stone baskets, up to 2m40 high from 1 piece

- Pre-assembled baskets to save effort, cost and time

- A beautiful result and a perfect finish

Gravel fence 4cm deep

The Decowall gravel fence is a fence up to 180cm high and only 4cm deep and is placed like an ordinary garden fence. With only 100kg of gravel filling, this gravel fence is the most elegant and installation friendly on the market. 

Thanks to the inner mesh, the basket can be filled with gravel 8-16mm. This gives a very sophisticated and elegant result!

Gravel baskets on size 10cm deep

The gravel gabion: A family of fine-mesh gabions for gravel, which allows you to create a breeze or landscaping effect with cages that are only 10cm deep!

The DecoWall Stone for gravel, a family of large gabions up to 240cm high and 240cm long, only 10cm thick, laid with invisible inner tubes. The result: Elegant, easy-to-use gabions for a mineral touch in every landscape...

Gabions mesh 5x5

The DecoWall Stone 5cm mesh gabions: Unlike other gabion solutions, the DecoWall Stone 5cm mesh is a set of 'large size' gabions to create 'very finished' landscaping...

The DecoWall Stone gabions have the particularity of being available in large cages up to 250cm in height and length. With interior separations every 30cm the gabions remain in perfect shape, even after filling... The result is 'square' and a beautiful element to decorate the landscape....

Exterior design: Add THE mineral touch to your project.

The advantages of the DecoWall Sonomuro:

- All our gabions are available in custom sizes!
- We supply your gabions with custom-made window openings.
- On request, we can manufacture your curved gabions. 
- Quality: we only work with European steel wire in Zinc-Alu 95-5 and 350mg/m2 (GALFAN).

DecoWall Gabion fine mesh garden wall 1.jpg

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