SonoWall noise reducing garden panels

A SonoWall comes in separate panel elements at either 1m, 1m20 or 1m50 high. The combination of stacking 2 panel elements offers the folowing possible heights: 2m, 2m20, 2m40, 2m70 or 3m.

Product details & references

Product details & references

In an effort to obtain the most durable product, we are using various wood species for our panel elements: Pinus Sylvestris (structural elements) and Picea Abies (featherboard cladding). Under high pressure impregnated Class 3 and 4.



Panel SonoWall (wxh 183cmx100cm) ref: SWW1-100-003

Panel SonoWall (wxh 183cmx120cm) ref: SWW1-120-003

Panel SonoWall (wxh 183cmx150cm) ref: SWW1-150-003


Post SonoPost Heavy-Duty L 2m70 ref: SPW2-270-00*1/2/3

Post SonoPost Heavy-Duty L 3m00 ref: SPW2-300-00*1/2/3

Post SonoPost Heavy-Duty L 3m30 ref: SPW2-330-00*1/2/3

Post SonoPost Heavy-Duty L 3m70 ref: SPW2-390-00*1/2/3

(*1= H-post for the middle; *2= corner post, *3= U-post/end post)


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An integral part of British garden culture and tradition, garden fences with a ‘Featherboard ‘ lay-out produce a typical refined and esthetic look. The featherboard design refers to the cladding that is mounted on the garden panel with planks slightly overlaid on each other like feathers on a bird. It has been incorporated in our garden panels around the acoustic noise reduction core to produce a good looking garden panel. After all, who wants to enjoy their garden looking upon a fence that doesn't look good? Unsawn finshed panels are also available.

Introducing the 'Featherboard' layout
Strong walls: built to last!

A solid fence: built to last!

Due to the solid wooden frame of the garden panels and the inclusion of the acoustic core the panels are very robust. The featherboard cladding on both sides of the panel contribute to the overall solidity and weight of the panels. Our panels are 6-8cm thick and weigh about 30-45 kilo's and our posts are especially designed to support them: the result is a solid garden fence that withstands time and weather!


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25 years warranty!

Our wooden panels are made of a variety of wood species and as wood is a natural material, our panels need to be protected or treated against rot and mildew. Sonowalls are treated with high pressure impregnation of preservative in an environmentally responsible manner. The unique timber protection system used in manufacturing make us confident to guarantee our panels against wood rot for at least 25 years!

Acoustic core

Due to the acoustic core in polyurethane, we were able to reduce noise levels effectively with our SonoWalls.

Acoustic test

Download our acoustic study. This SonoWall has been installed close to a road to damp the noise caused by traffic.

SonoPosts: H-slotted posts design

To build a garden fence using our SonoWall panels we have designed H-shaped slotted post in various lengths to hold your garden panels in place.

  • Ultra-robust screwed and slotted posts in 3 pieces.
  • Pinus Sylvestris under pressure impregnated Class 4.
  • De Heavy Duty SonoPosts (Lxl) 120mm x 115mm with 2 slots 50mm x 25mm.
  • Various lenghts: 270cm, 300cm, 330cm and 390cm.


The H-slotted shape of our post offer several advantages:

  • The SonoWall panels fit perfectly into the H-shape creating a better acoustic barrier by eliminating any opening in the fence
  • The 6 horizontal beams inside the panels slot nicely into the posts making the fence very robust against side-wind or bad weather as well as making them solid against intruders.


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SonoPosts: H-slotted posts design