Noise, decibels and sound pollution: the graph shows the principle of operation of our SonoWalls.


The sound source produces sound waves and sound energy that bounces onto the Sound barrier. Depending on the materials used and the acoustic properties of the sound wall a large part of the sound is reflected away. Behind the sound barrier a 'Noise shadow area' is created where direct sound goes above. The remaining sound that is heard is indirect or 'diffracted' sound.  It is this principle, where sound energy is reflected, that produces more comfortable sound levels in people's gardens.

Affordable soundwalls

Finally, an affordable solution to reduce effectively the noise levels from surrounding traffic or neighbours.


  • Efficient: Reduces noise levels with more than 50%!
  • Beautiful: A beautiful and estetic garden fence!
  • Affordable: 30-70% cheaper compared to industrial solutions!

For a quiet garden!

SonoMuro is the creator of noise-reducing garden panels for the European consumer market. 

Our aim is to get our customers the peace they deserve in their garden with our Sonowall products that dramatically reduce the noise levels from surrounding traffic or neighbors. We design esthetic garden fences with high quality standards for a lasting solution for people's gardens.

50% less noise

As effective as industrial solutions!


Our SonoWall's uniqueness lies in its sound damping capabilities through the materials used in the panel's core. Whilst still looking like a beautiful traditional garden fence, you have the benefit of reducing noise levels more than 50% from a direct noise source such as a busy street or railway line. The SonoWall fences give you the piece you deserve in your garden!

SonoWall noise-reducing garden panels

A SonoWall is composed of elements of 1m, 1m20 or 1m50 high and 1m83 wide. By placing the elements on top of each other you become a wall of 2m00, 2m20, 2m40, 2m70 or 3m high.



Our installation manuals contain detailed instructions and tips n'tricks to integrate our products in your landscaping projects.

Realised projects

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