Sonowall Reflective



  • Sole and groove lining, 1.5cm thick
  • Available in 1m, 1m20 and 1m50 height
  • Standard length of 1m83, available in 3m lengths


  • North Scottish pine, autoclave treated
  • 6.8cm thick, from 35 to 50kg per panel
  • Acoustic core made of recycled polyurethane, resistant to rot.

Reflective noise-reduction panel, tongue-and-groove cladding

Ideal for road noise, high sound insulation by noise reflection when the panel is placed close to the noise source.  Excellent result in low frequencies.  This version of the Sonowall is our most insulating model and is suitable in most cases.

Between neighbours

Our reflective SonoWall is often placed between neighbours for more privacy 'at home'.


In this example, a homeowner with noisy neighbors installed a 2m high SonoWall. The customer obtained a reduction of 9dB decibels in his garden (measured before and after installation)!

Road and motorcycles

Road noise is a very common cause of nuisance.

The SonoWall at a height of 2m has finally made peace in this normally peaceful area.


In this example the customer obtained a reduction of 13dB decibels in his garden (measured before and after installation)!


Sound control panel
Between neighbours
Motorway and mopeds

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