Less noise

in your


SonoMuro: Less Noise in Your Garden! Noise reducing garden panels that give you the peace and privacy you want! A noise-barrier for the consumer...

DecoWall Stone

Gabions and gravel claustras

SonoMuro offers its DecoWall line of custom-made gabions and traditional gabions for your outdoor landscaping.

1-2-3 Gabions

the landscape Gabions

a profession

in its own right !

Your idea, the realization of a landscaping with our landscaping gabions of 1-2-3Gabions


The solution for your heat pump

Sonokit, a kit as a solution against the nuisance of heat pumps

Sonomuro at Atlantica - La Rochelle!

Will you come and visit us at the Atlantica camping show? 

We welcome you in hall D (stand D78) where we will be exhibiting our anti-noise solutions.
In addition, you can get personal advice on your noise problem.

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Efficient and affordable soundwalls!

SonoMuro: Less Noise in Your Garden! Noise reducing garden panels that give you the peace and privacy you want! A noise-barrier for the consumer...

Too much noise from Heat-Pumps?

SonoMuro has a unique solution for noise nuisance from heat-pumps ! Our SonoKit is easy to assemble and efficient solution for heat-pumps that disturb neighbours and residents.

Neigbourhood noise?

By being at home more often, we are all more often confronted with noise nuisance from our neighbours. This causes great annoyance and prevents you from enjoying your garden in peace.


Install a Sonowall between 2 terraces or along the entire length of your garden, so that you gain the tranquillity you deserve in your garden. 

Thanks to our sound walls, we have already been able to help hundreds of customers

DecoWall pebble gabions and traditional made to measure gabions

Sonomuro has a family of fine-mesh gabions filled with pebbles to create an elegant design in your landscaping projects. Gabions are available as 4cm fence panels or 10cm thin gabions and can be customised with openings or curved. 

How to install ?

Please contact us!


An affordable and efficient sound barrier for your garden!


At last a solution for reducing traffic noise or nuissance caused by loud neighbours... The peace you deserve in your garden !

Panels with a rock wool acoustic core!


All Noistop models have a rockwool core that effectively absorbs and dampens noise.

Our SonoKit heat-pump kit 


Our Sonokit is an acoustic enclosure for your pool heating-pump that dramatically reduces noise around the pump while still guaranteeing its proper performance.

A wide range of custom made Gabions and pebble gabions.


Our made to measure gabions and pebble-gabions are elegant and add a 'mineral touch' to your garden landscaping project !

Gabions, a true profession


From your idea for a specific garden design we can imagine project-specific gabion solutions that match your project design.