About us


Sonomuro is the creator of noise-reducing garden panels for the European consumer market. Our aim is to get our customers the peace they deserve in their garden with our Sonowall products that dramatically reduce the noise levels from surrounding traffic or neighbours. We design aesthetic garden fences with high quality standards for a lasting solution for people's gardens.


The creators of SonoMuro have several years of experience in the noise-barrier market and have realised nuisance caused by noise is a ubiquitous problem and a growing one as well... In the past many industrial noise barrier makers have produced effective but unaesthetic products that needed engineering contractors to install them, limiting them to use in public roadwork projects or use in industrial applications around factories, bus terminals or large air-conditioning installations. As a result the SonoMuro team started developing an effective noise damping product that would be also suitable for use in people's everyday lives: fight noise in an area where people are the most sensitive about it: their garden....! The idea was to create a product that would be affordable, unlike the industrial products using large metal poles and needing expensive installations and solid foundations to be built first.


Based in Antwerp, Belgium, Sonomuro's vision is to launch a broad series of products contributing to more peaceful lives in people's gardens.

"As people want to enjoy their gardens we designed a very esthetic product you'd actually like to see in your garden and a product that is easy to install, by gardeners or DIY'ers alike. The result is our first product, the SonoMuro SonoWall Wood....bringing you tranquility to your garden...."

Michel Corbett, Managing Director of Sonomuro


In our efforts to develop new effective and qualitative products I'd like to hear from you! You can contact me with your ideas, suggestions and constructive remarks.