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We are looking for resellers!

SonoMuro works with dealers to get our products to our customers in several countries.


If you are a professional reseller and active in Gardening, landscaping, wood products or wholesale of garden products, we'd like to hear from you. We believe 'Noise pollution' represents a growing opportunity in the crowded garden panel market full of me-to products. We have found throughout our test installations that the general public is very sensitive to noise issues. This represents an opportunity to present your customers with a new innovative solution and activate a latent need: fight surrounding noise at last, whilst installing a good looking garden fence at the same time!


Contact to find out how we can jointly maximize this sales opportunity!

Opting for

  • an exclusive look
  • exceptional noise damping capabilities
  • premium quality wood
  • easy installation
  • an affordable price
  • an environmental responsible production process
  • long lasting and natural materials

is opting for our SONOWALL!!!


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Please provide an indication of the required dimensions, if possible the length and height of the different sides of your garden. This will allow us to give you a more accurate price indication. Pictures, a sketch or plan can be helpful as well.

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