Installation SonoWall

Duration: In 1 day 2 people can mount about 20 to 30m of SonoWall soundwall.

As our panel elements are made of a structure consisting of 3 horizontal beams per panel element, filled with our acoustic core on which the featherboard planks are mounted, they are quite heavy. To allow easy mounting of the SonoWall, we have created 2 panel elements per panel so they are easily handled without crane making a faster installation possible! 

2 superposed panel elements and a choice of heights!

SonoWalls are mounted easily by stacking the panel elements. Starting off with the first post and panel, to be continued with the second post and panel, and so on... The posts are installed the classical way, 60-90 cm in the ground, depending on the height of the soundwall, in a draining gravel soil and reinforced with concrete around the post. 


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