Too much noise in your garden?

Neighbours' noise levels on their terraces with the radio all day long? Noises from air conditioners or too much road noise that prevent you from experiencing comfort in your garden? Our anti-noise fences provide the peace and quiet you deserve.

SonoWall: Noise barrier

Finally, an anti-noise solution for the private individual confronted with noise pollution


Isolate yourself from noise pollution! Laboratory tested.


A beautiful aesthetic claustra panel that does not have the industrial look.


Much cheaper than industrial solutions!


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An affordable and efficient sound protection fence for your garden!


The Sonowall noise protection fence offers a solution for individuals who suffer from noise pollution caused by a busy road, nearby railway or their neighbours. The Sonowall is an efficient noise protection fence that looks like a normal wooden garden fence. The acoustic core made of recycled materials absorbs the sound waves efficiently. The Sonowall noise protection fence is an affordable solution without an industrial look!  


The noise protection fence with a rock wool acoustic core!


The Noistop noise barrier panels feature an acoustic core made of rock wool. This solid core effectively absorbs and dampens sound waves. Thanks to the various wooden and steel cladding materials, the Noistop noise protection fence fits in well with your surroundings.

Our SonoKit heat-pump kit 


Our Sonokit is an acoustic enclosure for your pool heating-pump that dramatically reduces noise around the pump while still guaranteeing its proper performance.

A wide range of custom made Gabions and pebble gabions.


Our made to measure gabions and pebble-gabions are elegant and add a 'mineral touch' to your garden landscaping project !

Gabions, a true profession


From your idea for a specific garden design we can imagine project-specific gabion solutions that match your project design.

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