• Standard size template kits: 100, 150 and 200cm long, 50cm high and 30 or 50cm deep.
  • Also available in partially pre-assembled kits to save time on site. 
  • Wire, tie rods and cleats made of high quality galvanized steel of 350gr/m2.
  • Gabions in mesh 5-10cm, bottom in mesh 10x10cm
  • 4mm wire and 4mm solid tie rods

Model 50cm

Gabions 50cm deep

  • 5415286000692 > Gabion mesh 5x5cm, WxHxD 100x50x50cm
  • 5415286000708 > Gabion mesh 5x5cm, WxHxD 150x50x50cm
  • 5415286000715 > Gabion mesh 5x5cm, WxHxD 200x50x50cm

30cm model

Gabions 30cm deep

  • 5415286000739 > Gabion mesh 5x5cm, WxHxD 100x50x30cm
  • 5415286000746 > Gabion mesh 5x5cm, WxHxD 150x50x30cm
  • 5415286000753 > Gabion mesh 5x5cm, WxHxD 200x50x30cm

Easy, Affordable and Quality

Easy assembly without the need for special clamps to fix the supplied studs. A range of affordable gabion kits without sacrificing quality. A strong gabion with 4mm wire and tie rods and the best galvanizing for a durability of at least 20 years.

easy to assemble with crampons
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