Landscape Gabions


  • 4mm galvanised steel wire (Galfan) of 350gr/m2 in Zinc-Alu (95-5%).
  • Tie rods and studs in Galfan.
    10x10, 5x5, 5x10 or Design mesh available
  • Optional interleaf grids every 30cm, tie rods and grids or tie rods only
  • Delivered pre-assembled and ready to fill, flat or unmounted as desired.
  • Pipe posts delivered for easy assembly


We make your gabions in the different gabion meshes according to your choice.


Landscape Gabions

  • 5x5 mesh for an elegant result, ideal for your landscaping
  • Perfectly shaped and solid cages, with reinforcements -intercalated grids- every 30cm by an inner grid. The gabion retains its shape over time and after filling!
  • Cages of 100 or 200cm for a cleaner result on long lengths.
  • Pre-assembled: Gabion is delivered pre-assembled, ready for filling (closed at the bottom and sides).
  • Easy assembly: Steel tubes for anchoring and laying the gabions are included!
  • The large cages simplify the laying in the shelf and reduce the final time and cost...
  • Custom made gabions available: up to 250cm long and 250cm high, in different widths from 20-100cm.

Tailored to your needs!

No more using standard size gabions for outdoor landscaping projects!


With the DecoWall range of gabions we can offer gabions made to measure for your project. Need a 150cm high gabion wall? Rather than laying 3 layers of standard 50cm high gabions with the cost and installation time that this represents, we can offer you 200cm long and 150cm high gabions, in 30 or 40cm depth for example?


A pre-assembled gabion, ready for installation with spacers every 30cm: a beautiful gabion wall with one-piece gabions, straight and aligned for a successful installation.


Even curved, executed according to plan!


New Design Mesh:

Give a special touch to your project with the new gabions mesh 'Design'. Change habits and surprise with a unique gabion visual!


The Gabion you need:

Large one-piece gabions for a well finished result. No more layers of gabions on top of each other but choose your gabions at the right height.


Made to measure:

Possibility of skylights, curves, integration of EDF technical boxes, mailboxes or waterfalls... We optimize your gabions by manufacturing them to the length, height and depth best suited to your site.


Pre-assembled with spacers:

Easy and time-saving installation and filling. The spacers make the gabions straight after filling!

Various applications possible:

Landscape gabions as a retaining wall
Ideal as a garden dividing wall
Available as custom-made facade cladding with 15cm thick gabions!
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