Gravel fence 4cm deep!

The DecoWall fences are specifically designed for outdoor use and allow for the creation of a 'mineral' barrier with a smaller amount of gravel than traditional stone baskets.



  • The elegance of a sophisticated partition with gravel filling


  • A range of gravel baskets that create a beautiful visual effect by alternating a DecoWall gravel basket with other fencing (wood, composite,...).

Low depth:

  • Provides an elegant touch to your garden with this fence that is only 4cm deep, without loss of space.

Easy to install!


  • Delivered pre-assembled, ready to be filled

Easy to install:

  • Attaches between classic posts with clips every 30cm
  • No major foundation work required, a stabilised subsoil is sufficient.


  • Less volume than a classic stone basket
  • Lower filling cost
  • Faster filling, average 0.065m3 or 120kg of gravel (loss of 5% too small pebbles)

Product Features


  • Only 4 cm thick and is placed like an ordinary partition
  • Mesh 10 x10cm with a fine inner mesh
  • Placement between H piles or square full piles with the supplied fixing clips
  • From 30 to 120 cm wide and up to 2m40 high. Large dimensions are possible for the decoration of facades


  • Galfan 95-5 to 350gr/m2 for the outer mesh
  • Galvanized inner mesh
  • Stainless steel fixing rings
  • Wire used: in % - C < 0,10, Si < 0,30, Mn < 0,60, P < 0,035, S < 0,035, according to EN10016-2 C9D.
  • Wire strength - 550 to 750 N/mm2

Placed as a partition wall combined with other materials:


The DecoWall gravel basket is installed between square posts using clips.

  • Installation between grooved posts or square posts using the supplied fixing clips.
  • Also for wall mounting using wall clips. Filling from above: gravel (8-16 mm) depending on the material.

The ideal gravel fence!

Consult us to imagine the gravel claustra you need, either as cladding or as a fence element.


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