Gravel Gabions

Gravel baskets 10cm deep!

Large one-piece gabions for a well finished result. Elegant and inexpensive mineral screens.

Decowall Stone

  • A range of very elegant and unique gritty gabions, grit 8-16mm
  • For garden design elements with a mineral touch.
  • A breeze element seen up to 2m40 high and 2m long.


Advantage over classic gabions:

  • 10cm or 20cm thick: Much more elegant, gravel structure gives a refined effect.
  • The gabions and gravel claustras are always solidified by spacers, which gives a more stable and linear result.
  • 2m x 2m: Reduced assembly time compared to roller gabions which must be superimposed for a breeze effect seen from the same height.
  • Non-visible tube posts, for an elegant result of a continuous fence.
  • Less volumetric filling, less expensive to buy stones/rocks and easy to fill with gravel!

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