DecoWall gabions with gravel 10cm depth

The DecoWall gravel gabion is a tailor-made solution for your horticultural project. Equipped with a fine internal mesh, the gabion can be filled with gravel or other materials, depending on your creativity.


The large one-piece gabions guarantee a well finished result.

Decowall Stone


  • Elegant gabions for dividing walls or as a mineral decoration element in your garden. A fence without visible posts.

Low thickness:

  • Thanks to their low thickness, less volumetric filling and therefore less expensive to buy stones with a great ease of filling.

Made to measure:

  • Possibility of dormers, curves, integration of EDF technical boxes, mailboxes or waterfall... 

Delivered pre-assembled, ready to install!

Product features


  • Mesh 10x10cm with fine inner mesh
  • Gabions of 10 or 20cm thickness only


  • Galfan 95-5 to 350gr/m2 for the outer link
  • Galvanized inner mesh
  • Stainless steel fixing rings
  • Wire used: in % - C < 0.10, Si < 0.30, Mn < 0.60, P < 0.035, S < 0.035, according to EN10016-2 C9D.
  • Wire strength - 550 to 750 N/mm2



  • Non-visible interior pipe posts
  • Filling with 8-16mm chippings
  • Delivered pre-assembled, ready to use

The gravelly gabion as you imagine!

Consult us to suggest the gravel basket you need.


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Thanks to Calypso Paysages for choosing Sonomuro for this gravel gabion installation.

terrace with gravel gabions
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