Your rock wool sound insulation project

The Noistop noise protection fence for professionals: 

  • Is your camping site or B&B located next to a busy road?
  • Are you having problems with residents because your car wash or industrial air conditioning system is causing noise pollution?

The Noistop noise protection panels offer an effective solution that always fits beautifully in your professional environment. 



The Noistop noise protection fence for residential use: 

The Noistop noise protection fences are efficient sound barriers available in assorted designs. The acoustic core made of rock wool effectively absorbs the sound waves. Thanks to their wooden or metal cladding, they always make a beautiful addition to your garden. 


  • Efficient: acoustic core with rock wool that effectively absorbs sound waves. 
  • Aesthetic: wood or steel cladding, available in various colours. 

The configuration of a Noistop noise protection fence

The proper configuration of the sound wall has a significant role in solving the noise problem. 


Which parameters do we consider when determining the configuration of the noise protection wall?

  • The distance from the noise source 
  • The conceivable height of the sound wall
  • The desired area of the acoustic shadow zone. 

Besides, it is also important to identify indirect sound sources caused by reflection. 



The Noistop acoustic panels are available in different heights: 

  • Depending on the noise situation, we assist in recommending the appropriate height of the noise wall
  • The Noistop Wood panels are available as standard in 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm, and 100 cm height. 
  • Noistop Steel panels are available in standard heights of 40 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm, and 100 cm. 

The panels can be stacked up to a height of 4 m. 

The advantages of Noistop noise reduction panels

  • Different versions
    The Noistop range offers noise protection panels in wood and metal. Noistop Wood panels are available in 3 different claddings and always form an elegant fence. With the Noistop Steel panels you can create a green fence. 
  • Environmentally friendly product
    The acoustic rock wool core is 100% recyclable. Moreover, a Noistop noise fence has a lifespan of at least 20 years. 
  • Different colours
    Noistop Wood and Noistop Steel noise protection panels are available in various colours. 
  • Outstanding sound insulation and absorption results
    A soundproof fence with Noistop panels is characterized by excellent results in terms of sound insulation and absorption. 

Noistop Steel

The Noistop Steel sound absorbing panels contain an acoustic core made of rock wool and a metal cladding. The metal cladding is ideal for covering with climbing plants. These acoustic panels are available in assorted sizes and colours. 


Noistop Wood

The Noistop Wood panels sandwich the acoustic core made of rock wool into a wooden cladding. These anti-noise panels are available in an absorbent and reflective version. The distinctive designs and colours ensure an elegant appearance.


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