Noistop Steel double-side absorbent

Effective and durable CE® certified noise protection fencing with a galvanised steel frame for climbing plants.


The Noistop® Steel fence is the first in a series of
of modular noise protection fences. The galvanised steel frame makes the fence maintenance-free, and the rock wool acoustic core is covered with a decorative green polyethylene net.

The modules are available in different sizes, which makes them easy to install next to a busy road or between facilities. 

The modules can be installed between wooden or steel
or steel posts, depending on the environment or the look you want to achieve.

Noistop® Steel double-sided absorbent

Product characteristics: 

  • ROCKWOOL (core and acoustic material) with an average service life of more than 30 years
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel according to EN ISO 1461-1999 ensures a steel protection of more than 50 years
  • Powder coating:
    • Green RAL 6005
    • Anthracite RAL 7016
    • Black RAL 9005
    • White RAL 9010
  • Resistance to wind force: Tested at a load of 2.4 kN/m2 according to EN1794-1
  • Green PE fabric (polyethylene)

Acoustic performance

  • Sound insulation: 22dB according to EN 1793-2 (B2)
  • Sound absorption: 8dB according to EN 1793-1 (A3)

5 standard colours

Add a splash of colour to your sound wall 


Noistop® Steel is available in five standard colours.
Ideal for creating an acoustic fence that blends in with the decor of your environment. 

  • Green RAL 6005
  • Anthracite RAL 7016
  • Black RAL 9005
  • White RAL 9010

The acoustic doors compatible with Noistop Steel

Noistop Steel are available in 2 sizes (HxLxD): 

- 180x100x11 cm

- 200x100x11 cm

A vegetated sound wall

Vines and climbing plants are becoming increasingly popular and are becoming increasingly popular and are very suitable for vegetating a noise fence. The plants can grow high on the fence and provide a green cover. Noise protection fences can therefore help to create a sense of space and calm, and thus give your design an ecological edge to your landscaping.

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