A combination of beautiful Scandinavian wood design and excellent acoustic performance.


Noistop® noise protection fence panels are available in a double-sided absorbing version or with one absorbing side and one reflective side. The application is particularly interesting due to the excellent sound absorption results over a wide frequency range.

All Noistop® Wood models have a rockwool core that effectively absorbs and attenuates noise. The sections have a sandwich construction with solid pine wood fronts attached to aluminium flanges. The end results are slender, decorative fences.

Technical information

Product features: 

  • ROCKWOOL rock wool (core and acoustic material) with an average lifespan of more than 30 years
  • Pine wood of European origin, 1st category
    • Impregnation according to EN 335:2013
      The impregnated wood offers a use class 3 with an average life span of 10 to 15 years.
  • Tested for a maximum load of 1.0 kN/m2 in accordance with EN 1794-1
  • Decorative cloth: black PE (polyethylene)

Acoustic performance

  • Sound insulation: Elba, Ibiza, Madeira: 21dB (B2), Reflect: 25 dB (B3) according to EN 1793-2
  • Sound absorption: All versions: 10-11dB according to EN 1793-1 (A3) (*)


(*) Reflect: only the stone wool side is absorbing

Noistop Wood Claddings



The Noistop Wood - Ibiza Design is a classic and pure design. The vertical bars create a clean look. 



The Elba design looks like a normal fence, thanks to the horizontal pine beams. The aluminium sides make the fence easy to install. (Photo) 



The Madeira design is characterized by the horizontal bars with different widths. The space between the bars depends on the height of the panel. 


3 Colours

All Noistop® Wood models are available in 3 different colours. A beautiful result is guaranteed that fits perfectly in your professional environment.






Anthracite (RAL 7015) 


Chestnut (RAL 800)

The acoustic doors compatible with Noistop Wood

The Noistop Wood acoustic door is available in 2 sizes (HxLxD): 

- 180x100x18,2 cm

- 200x100x18,2 cm

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