No more noisy heat-pump!

Pool heating heat-pumps can be quite loud, with compressor cycles and fans making an irritating background noise. Often they are the cause of neighbour conflicts.


Our SonoKit heat-pump kit is an acoustic enclosure that dampens the noise of the pump inside the kit. By separating the cold and warm air-flow we can guarantee your pump can still work efficiently.

SonoKit for Horizontal Heat Pump

Eau du Nord, a specialist in natural swimming pools with filtration, uses the SonoKit to attenuate large horizontal fan heat pumps at their customers' premises.

Installed in Brussels, this heat pump near the neighbours' hedge, in a very quiet environment, caused a conflict between the neighbours...

SonoKit for Vertical Heat Pump

The noisy heat pump was installed near the neighbour's terrace! The SonoKit installed around a 21kW heat pump turned out to be the solution...

In this example, the heat pump is no longer considered a problem, the neighbour confirms that he has no more worries!

A simple but efficient acoustic solution !

The SonoKit is delivered as a DIY kit on a pallet of 150x70cm and can be assembled by 2 persons without special tool. A simple and an efficent solution that is far cheaper then legal costs to solve a neigbour conflict!

vertical en horizontal exploded clean.png

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