No more noise from heat-pump!

Reduces noise pollution without loss of efficiency.


The SonoKit avoids this common cause of conflicts where heat pumps are located close to the neighbor's fence or terrace.



Available for heat pumps with horizontal or vertical fans, where the flux of hot and cold air is guaranteed.




The SonoKit is delivered as an easy to install kit on a 150x70cm pallet and is easily assembled by 2 people, a drill and a screwdriver.


A simple solution that eliminates noise pollution, delights your neighbours and is much cheaper than a lawsuit!

Hear and be convinced!

In this short film, you can see the difference for yourself!

SonoKit for Heat Pump with lateral ventilation

Heat pump for swimming pool

The heat pump close to the neighbors’ terrace!

The SonoKit around the 21KW pump turns out to be the solution.


In this example the heat pump is no longer a problem. The neighbor confirms that there is no nuisance anymore.

SonoKit for Heat Pump with Horizontal ventilation

Heat pump for swimming pond

Eau du Nord, specializing in swimming ponds with filtration, uses the SonoKit to attenuate the noise of large heat pumps with a horizontal fan.


In a quiet neighborhood in Brussels, this heat pump located close to the neighbors' hedges was a source of conflict...

A simple but efficient acoustic solution !

The SonoKit reduces noise over a 180° angle around the heat pump which emits between 38dB and 65dB in noise level during operation and defrost cycle!


The SonoKit reduces between -7 and -15dB at the rear and between -3 and -10dB in front of the SonoKit. A neighbour more than 10m away, noise of the heat pump is greatly reduced!

PAC kit meting grafiek 1-11-15BIS.png

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