SonoKit 1

Soundproofing kit for heat pumps

Reduces noise pollution without loss of efficiency. The SonoKit avoids this common cause of conflicts where heat pumps are located close to the neighbor's fence or terrace.


Available for heat pumps with horizontal or vertical fans, where the flux of hot and cold air is guaranteed.


Supplied as an easy to install kit. Fits most heat pumps.

Product features

The SonoKit is suitable for heat pumps with side ventolators.

  • Two doors provide access to the heat pump and allow air supply and exhaust.
  • Supplied in an easy to assemble kit
  • Acoustic core made of polyurethane, protected by an internal mesh netting
  • Structure and cladding: Pinus Sylvestris and Picea Abies treated class 4 and class 3.
  • Dimensions: WxHxD 160 x 160 x 150cm
  • Model: SPK1-160-150-001

A simple kit as a solution for a complex problem!

The SonoKit, much cheaper than a legal procedure with your neighbour and an easy and efficient solution. A SonoKit installed around a heat pump that was causing inconvenience between neighbours was the solution that suited both parties.


Initially, the emission measured near the CAP was 70-75dB. By enclosing it in the SonoKit, in front of the air inlet openings the noise level already goes down to 50-55dB ! At a distance of 6m you can hear more than the ambient noise (in our test 43dB on average)....

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