Noise, decibels and sound pollution: the graph shows the principle of operation of our SonoWalls.

The sound source produces sound waves and sound energy that bounces onto the Sound barrier. Depending on the materials used and the acoustic properties of the sound wall a large part of the sound is reflected away. Behind the sound barrier a 'Noise shadow area' is created where direct sound goes above. The remaining sound that is heard is indirect or 'diffracted' sound.  It is this principle, where sound energy is reflected, that produces more comfortable sound levels in people's gardens.

Why a noise-reducing garden panel

In various scenarios a noise wall will be an excellent solution for your noise problem!


  • Road noise: is the first complaint of our customers! A road that becomes very busy over the years, with more and more traffic. Our SonoWalls, available in different heights, can muffle this almost constant source of noise and will reduce the noise in your garden or on your terrace.
  • Trains: Close to a railway, RER or tramway?  Our solutions reduce noise in the low frequencies of rail traffic!
  • Playgrounds: Basketball courts, skateparks, playgrounds with youngsters at play. A well-positioned noise barrier can give the residents of these facilities more peace and quiet.
  • Air conditioners: Heat pumps, air conditioners, cold units are an irritating source of noise often causing conflict in the neighbourhood. Our SonoWall Absorbers are particularly effective in the low frequencies by absorbing the buit in an enclosure to be mounted around noisy machines.
  • Neighbours: Neighbourhood noise is a source of irritation for many people. A SonoWall installed between 2 terraces or along the neighbor's pool will give you the peace and quiet you deserve.

Why a noise-reducing garden panel

The SonoWall consists of elements of 1m, 1m20 or 1m50 height and 1m83 width. By placing them on top of each other, a sound wall of 2m00, 2m20, 2m40, 2m70 or 3m height is created.

Affordable soundwalls

Finally, an affordable solution to reduce effectively the noise levels from surrounding traffic or neighbours.


  • Efficient: Reduces noise levels with more than 50%!
  • Beautiful: A beautiful and estetic garden fence!
  • Affordable: 30-70% cheaper compared to industrial solutions!

For a quiet garden!

A solution specially designed for noise between very nearby neighbours or in small spaces to create no cathedral effect. The absorbing side absorbs a large part of the sound, especially in the low frequencies.


The SonoWall Absorb is a solution for the sound of mechanical installations, air conditioners and generators and large heat pumps. The sound-absorbing wall on one or more sides of noisy installations prevents the sound flow and dampens the sound in the resulting acoustic housing.

50% less noise

As effective as industrial solutions!


Our SonoWall's uniqueness lies in its sound damping capabilities through the materials used in the panel's core. Whilst still looking like a beautiful traditional garden fence, you have the benefit of reducing noise levels more than 50% from a direct noise source such as a busy street or railway line. The SonoWall fences give you the piece you deserve in your garden!

Tested in an independent sound testing lab!

35dB RW: Surpassing noise reduction levels of some of the industrial sound barriers!


Our SonoWall Wood has performed very well in our independent Lab tests at the Eco-Scan Sound testing lab in Belgium. We have achieved a raw value of -35 decibels (dB) of sound reduction through reflection on our panels. It is generally accepted that to the ears of a normal person a sound reduction of -10dB is perceived as being half the sound level, so you can imagine how effective our Sonowalls are!

On the graph you see how our panels perform. Notice the 1Khz to 1.2Khz frequency band, this is the typical frequency of traffic noise where the results are at their best! This is tested according to the sound reduction index ISO 140-3. Results shown according to ISO 717-1.


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