Sonowall 2 Reflective

The"Noise-Cancelling" Principle

The sound source produces waves and sound energy, which collide with the sound barrier. Depending on the material used and the acoustic characteristics of the sound barrier, part of the direct source sound is reflected or absorbed, creating an acoustic shadow zone behind the barrier.


The sound emitted by the direct sound source remains above the acoustic shadow zone.  Any other sound is indirect or 'diffracted’.

The uniqueness of the SonoWall lies in the sound attenuation power obtained by the material in the core of the panel.

Reflective noise-reduction panel, tongue-and-groove cladding

Ideal for road noise, high sound insulation by noise reflection when the panel is placed close to the noise source.  Excellent result in low frequencies.  This version of the Sonowall is our most insulating model and is suitable in most cases.

Between neighbours

Our reflective SonoWall is often placed between neighbours for more privacy 'at home'.


In this example, a homeowner with noisy neighbors installed a 2m high SonoWall. 

Road and motorcycles

Road noise is a very common cause of nuisance.


The SonoWall at a height of 2m has finally made peace in this normally peaceful area.

Product features: SonoWall absorbent


  • SWW2-100-001 : panels of 1m high
  • SWW2-120-001 : panels of 1m20 high
  • SWW2-150-001 : panels of 1m50 high

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