SonoWall Absorb

A noise barrier for the residential customer!

Our aim is to reduce the noise nuisance in your garden from traffic, neighbours or other noise sources.


With our SonoWall sound insulating garden panels that reduce noise by more than 50%, we offer an aesthetic and durable solution for a quieter garden!

SonoWall one side absorbent:

A solution specially designed for noise between very close neighbours or in small spaces so as not to create a cathedral effect. The absorbent side absorbs a large part of the noise, especially in the low frequencies.


The sound absorbent SonoWall 2 is a solution for noise from mechanical installations, air conditioners and generators as well as large heat pumps. The sound-absorbing wall on one or more sides of noisy installations prevents the flow of noise and muffles the noise in the resulting acoustic enclosure.

Air conditioner too noisy?

The air conditioner near the neighbours' terrace was causing a voiding conflict. The reflective side of the air conditioner was facing the machine to absorb the noise of the compressor and fans!


In this example the customer obtained a reduction of -12 decibels in his garden!

Train noises?

Our customer close to the railway tracks had a SonoWall installed with one reflective and one absorbent side. The reflective side is directed towards the rails to insulate as much as possible and the inner side is absorbent due to the small size of the garden.

Our models

  • SWW2-100-002: 1m high panels
  • SWW2-120-002: 1m20 high panels
  • SWW2-150-002: 1m50 high panels

Tested according to standards by Daidalos-Peutz, an accredited and independent laboratory

Acoustic performance: Absorption class A2 according to EN1793-1.

The SonoWall with one reflective and one absorbing side has excellent sound absorption properties in the low frequencies (absorption coefficient of alpha from 1 to 500Hz and 0.73 to 1KHz).

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