SonoWall "half-logs"

Reflective sound panel, "half-log" cladding

For this sound wall with reinforced cladding for public projects or campsites, a more traditional cladding with half-logs (1 or 2 sided) is used which can be combined with existing installations.


The SonoWall 3 panel is used for large lengths and is available in stackable elements of 3m in length in order to limit the number of posts to be installed.


The most important area of application is along the road as a demarcation of a campsite, sports field, neighbourhood/youth house, smoking area, etc.

Parking area for mobile homes

A municipality installed our SonoWall around a small car park for mobile homes in transit.


In this example, the customer obtained a noise reduction of 12dB.

Product features

  • Heavy-duty cladding with half-logs 1 or 2 reflective sides
  • Available heights 1m, 1m20 and 1m50
  • Standard length 1m83, also available in 3m length
  • Pinus Sylvestris from Northern Europe, autoclave treated
  • 6,8cm thick and 35 to 50kg per panel
  • Acoustic core of recycled polyurethane, rot resistant
  • Version with one absorbing side also available

Our models

SWW3-100-001: 1m high panel

SWW3-120-001: 1m20 high panel

SWW3-150-001: 1m50 high panel


SWW3-100-002 : 1m high panel

SWW3-120-002 : 1m20 high panel

SWW3-150-002 : 1m50 high panel

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